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“What's the color of money???....”

Marketing at Nielsen

Jun 2, 2011
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“what is some of the key information you would want to have before making a recommendation to a client whether or not to move forward with launching a product?”

“A study has a quota of 200. If you can expect 80% of you sample to recovery in 6 days, how many pieces of sample will need to be added to the study in order to reach quota in 6 days.”

“Case study: You are a senior project manager with the option to choose one of two clients for your next project: Client A, whose brand A has a very broad customer base consisting of customers who...”

“Its 4:45. The phone is rining from a client who you need to speak to before the end of the day, an email with an urgent flag appears, and your manager is IM's you asking if she can speak to you...”

“Describe to me in C how to take the word "FOX" and rearrange the words backwords to spell "XOF" using only a stack and one variable.”

“who is the king of the world”

“Please describe how to implement a function to print out a linked list backwards”

“Are their any raises after probation period?”

“What is a negative charactoristic of you?”

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