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“When asked about dilution method, a follow up would be of why choice to make excess/no excess amounts of stock. Explain your reasoning.”

“Are you ok with doing general tasks such as autoclaving and dishwashing?”

“It was the CATIA test itself”

“Why did you apply to my open position instead of BASES where your most recent experience lies?”

“Probably when she asked me if I was prepared to work more than forty hours a week, just because I would have thought that my previous answers made it clear that I was.”

“The recruiter was very persistent in identifying my experience with pivot tables specifically, to the point where 1/3rd of the interview was spent on that facet alone.”

“Case study, I don't recall the exact question.”

“Nothing difficult. Your standard questions: personality, experiences, and how you would handle situations. They are really big on patient satisfaction.”

“Business case: multimedia company”

“Business case: entering a new market”

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