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“If you were working in a neat set-up and found that a tool was missing which was needed to complete a task quickly to meet a deadline, what would you do?

If no replacement tool was found, how…”

“What is the AbilityOne Program? What is NISH / NIB?”

“Why did interest rates go down, when the S &P downgraded our debt rating. You would expect them to do up.”

“Describe your research to me”

“How would you handle an issue /problem in your work that you do not know the answer to?”

“build an interface and class that handles constant input of stock values for many companies and allows user to query current avg stock price of that company.”

“Asked me how I would determine the power needed from a pump to pump water through a closed loop system.”

“How has been your experience with clustering using Machine Learning?”

“Tell me a scenario that you encountered difficulties and how are you going about solving the problem”

“All of the questions are relatively simple but it's important to be prepared - as you need to have a concrete result.”

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