Research Engineer Interview Questions

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“Describe how you would implement a palindrome finder for an arbitrary length word”

“Are you comfortable with this level of pay cut?”

“Would you be comfortable just being a programmer?”

“why are you interested in working at GE?”

“"Tell me about your experience with silicon carbide."”

“"Oh, you've learned about GRIN lenses in your class? Tell me about how they work."”

“I'm not giving away the very best questions prepared by the people here. Those questions would be hard to replace. Here's one that was not planned: I had drawn some birefringent stuff on the board…”

“They wanted to check my backgraound and wanted to make sure that I would not require too much tranining to get started because they were in a hurry to find a match”

“Describe your research to me”

“One interviewer asked me to impedance match using a Smith chart.”

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