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“mostly technical questions, though nothing particularly hard. interviewed a few days after it was announced that Hitachi agreed to sell to WD. the question was why come work here now?”

“Which work do you like better? Sitting in front of computers analyzing datas, or operating equipments to run test?”

“Not necessarily "difficult" question, instead this is something I couldn't answer well - what did you learn in course "Artificial Intelligence" in your master program?”

“Do you want to be a manager?”

“What do you expected working style?”

“How about the big view of your role to the whole product (e.g., simulation)?”

“No real difficult or unexpected but be prepared to talk about your resume and know you presentation by heart.”

“When enumerating the features to be extracted from a 3-D surface scan of composite material for anomaly detection, Curvature alone was mentioned instead of Mean and Gaussian Curvature. I was asked…”

“What is excellence?”

“Most of the questions are typical behavior questions that can be found on the internet. The interviewers asked a lot about my ability to work in a team-working and my research interests beyond my own…”

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