Research Manager Interview Questions

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“What do you know about the animal health industry?”

“There was an informal case study at the final round which was challenging to find the right level of explanation and gauge how in depth to the case they wanted me to get. Asking about how a PE firm…”

“How would you describe GLG's business model?”

“Basic questions. Strengths/weakness. Asked about former job experiences. Problem solving examples.”

“How would you analyze this situation? (gave an example situation for me to consider)”

“How would you work in a corporate environment?”

“They ask you what you want to do after this. They mostly look for people who will pursue a grad school after this lab manager position, because they think it's an indicator of how motivated you are.”

“Who in your life do you want to model your career after?”

“Nothing really out of the ordinary. Typical questions about working with others, some situational questions, discussing long term plans/goals.”

“"Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond to please a client."”

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