Research Scientist Interview Questions

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“What would you do if I gave you a million dollars to spend on any research project that you could?”

“Why didn't you go into more detail on the methods in your talk. Thats what we care about, not your obscure academic project.”

“Are you comfortable with this level of pay cut?”

“Would you be comfortable just being a programmer?”

“Not much. Just general questions.
1, a girl or guy?
2,Go to my slides:
>> Among all the tunable parameters, which is the most important for you to control the nanoparticle structure? How…”

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“Write a piece of code that finds anagrams.”

“why do you want to join in facebook”

“How has been your experience with clustering using Machine Learning?”

“Which method do you use to analyze data for ELISA?”

“Why do you want to join Intel?”

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