Research Scientist Interview Questions

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“Why did you decide to apply to this position?”

“What are your long term goals.”

“One scientist kept asking me very technical questions on a topic I stated I had no knowledge about.”

“Did you research our company and what do you think?”

“Had I ever found myself dealing with a subordinate who was unable to perform their work satisfactorily and how did I handle that. Also, what did I learn from that?”

“The measurement is showing a thickness of 18 Angstroms. When I open the door of the electronic cabinet, the measurement jumps almost half an Angstrom. What could be going on to make this happen?”

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“Why was I leaving previous job?”

“no difficult or unexpected question”

“1) How many barbers you need in a city of 1 Million people(questions expected if you one reads other posts before his/her interview) ?
2) Have you worked on a equipment/measurement for 300 times in…”

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