Research Technician II Interview Questions

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“What is your greatest strength? How will your skills allow you to contribute directly to this research? And what are your goals for the future?”

“"Out of all the other applicants, why should we hire YOU?"”

“What are your future plans, and what type of time commitment can you make for this position.”

“I noticed on your academic transcript that you struggled in __________ classes. Would you explain how you got these grades and how you would improve?”

“What is your strongest and weakest point?”

“There were no unexpected questions during this process”

“i honestly don't remember any difficult or unexpected. everything was pretty much expected although i did feel like they were trying to figure out if i was a military spouse or not”

“Nothing unexpected but this ALWAYS depends on the hiring manager. Be prepared as much as possible and research the principal investigator and the work they do.”

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