Research Technician Interview Questions

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“None of the questions were very difficult. I stumbled on a simple dimensional analysis question because I was very nervous, but that's about it. Just make sure that you are familiar with basic lab…”

“What is your goals for 5 years?”

“Nothing unexpected but this ALWAYS depends on the hiring manager. Be prepared as much as possible and research the principal investigator and the work they do.”

“The HR director, Joe Swanson, called me into his office and asked me these questions, and wrote while I responded.
Why are you the best candidate for this job?
What experience do you have that…”

“What is your major professional setback?”

“What are my plans for two years from now?”

“If you have the same nucleotide concentration of a solution containing a 1000bp amplicon and a solution containing a 500bp amplicon, which amplicon do you have more copies of?”

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