Reservation Agent Interview Questions

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“what do you know about Delta Airlines?”

“Have you been convicted for a felony before?”

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“Why do you want to work for Delta?”

“The questions were pretty basic to how you would handle customer service situations. Like describe a time you had to make a diffuclt choice. or tell of a time you went above and beyond for a customer.”

“Just asked me a bunch of personal questions about past jobs and past skills i used, didnt really give me any brain busters”

“I would like you to sell this stapler (on her desk) to me?”

“Explain about a specific time in which you resolved a conflict? (I don't remember exactly the question, but this is generally what they asked)”

“Explain about a time when you had to sell something you didn't like.”

“tell us of a time where you were faced with a difficult situation with a customer and did you handle it?”

“Sell me something in this room”

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