Reservations Agent Interview Questions

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“Sell me something in this room”

“Tell us what you think this job entails with day-in, day-out.”

“After the interview (I had 2 people interviewing me at the same time) They tag teamed me with the questions. Interview went real well. But to keep it even more fun they had me take another assessmet.”

“What would you consider your biggest weakness?”

“Describe a time at your previous employer where you had to work in a difficult or stressful situation and how did you handle it?”

“Was not expecting the question "If you weren't here doing an interview with me, who would you be. Who are you outside of this office. What would your friends say about you".”

“What is the worse part of you current job?”

“Make up a announcement in your head you can't write it down letting everyone know that a solider was boarding our flight”

“want to know how good you are with difficult customers.”

“Name a time when you had to upsale a product?”

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