Reservations Agent Interview Questions

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“How would I deal with an upset client?”

“How would I handle a client when I didn't understand what they are asking for?i”

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“Most difficult was doing a phone interview in Spanish since I was applying for a bilingual position. Since Spanish is my second language I wasn't familiar with many industry-related terms but…”

“Was not expecting the question "If you weren't here doing an interview with me, who would you be. Who are you outside of this office. What would your friends say about you".”

“She asked me if I could be available at any time or day.”

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“Describe a situation at a previous job which was stressful and how you handled it.”

“Describe a time at your previous employer where you had to work in a difficult or stressful situation and how did you handle it?”

“Tell me about a time when you had to disagree with your manager, and how did you handle it.”

“What is the worse part of you current job?”

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