Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

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“why I wanted the job.”

“"How can you as a team member increase sales a Burger King?"”

“What are your career goals?”

“Know your numbers so you can show you understand how to plan and control product and labor expense. Know Comps and expense numbers of prior employers. Be able to answer "What is 10% of...." correctly…”

“This is your third interview with us, why are you here?”

“Sell bread to me?”

“Are you the kind of person who has to do everything perfectly?”

“I was asked specifically what my restaurant rankings were.”

“Because of my Seasoned Leadership, I was asked if I was going to have any issues having Leadership running their locations half my age was a issue? I was told I needed to be humble, because I would…”

“Seemed that I was being sold not to take the position. Being owned by the Darden Group seems that their was a disconnect. If I was over qualified then why wouldn't they look to bring me in for the…”

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