Retail Account Executive Interview Questions

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“(not really hard but I didnt prepare for) Lets do a role play situation where I am a customer shopping for a computer in Best Buy. What would you say?”

“If your supervisor brought you in for a review, what areas would they say you need improvement? Tell me about a time where you dealt with a difficult customer, and how did you handle it? Have...”

“A question they like to ask is: I'm going to list 4 words and I would like you list them from most important to least important. Communication, leadership, honesty, and competitiveness.”

“What would you do if you don't get the job?”

“In your last position what percentage of the time did you spend on data entry, sales, marketing?”

“Give an example of a time when you had a difficult customer and how did you handle them?”

“Describe a time you used your leadership qualities to take control of a situation at work.”

“No difficult or unexpected questions.”

“What is your biggest weakness?”

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