Retail Consultant Interview Questions

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“The action plan was the most challenging thung because I have no idea how their product and managerial team face challenge base on company policies”

“There were not any difficult questions. The difficult part was getting the interview.”

“Tell me how, in the past, you've overcome disagreements with coworkers/managers.”

“How long would you like to stay with the company.”

“They will grab some random object (pen, sheet of paper, a picture frame) and ask you to convince them to buy it.”

“Hmm...I don't really remember. Maybe- "name a time when you had to deal with an unhappy customer and save the sale...what happened and how did you deal with it...what was the outcome" something like…”

“During the second interview process, she asked me several questions about what I would do and my experience was etc. She asked me to tell her a time I had to sell something to a customer, she asked…”

“Tell us something about yourself you'd like to improve on”

“Why should I choose you, why not the 50 other candidates”

“Describe a time where you could not meet the customer expectations”

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