Retail Intern Interview Questions

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“Tell me about your favorite products”

“Tell me a time where you made a Costomer happy”

“Tell us about the teacher you like the most and the one you hate the most. How did they influence your life?”

“Within 5 years, what will you be or what do you want to achieve?”

“Am I comfortable with numbers”

“Why did I choose my major”

“Business Model:

1) Launch (how would you launch a grocery business at Amazon?)

2) Growth (what’s the best business model for streaming video?)

3) Pricing (what is the optimal price for the…”

“What are 3 important skill sets you have that you would consider valuable?”

“What do you hope to learn from this internship?”

“Tell me about a situation where you had to persuade someone to see something your way and how did you do so?”

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