Retail Internship Interview Questions

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“There are a;; general questions such as "have you in the leadership position and how do you see yourself in a team" "have you encounter an unsatisfied customer and how did you handle that situation"”

“What was your most rewarding experience in life?”

“What excites you about working on a base of commission?”

“what are your goals in your life? & in Nordstrom?”

“Why you want to work for Nordstrom.”

“Have a 30 second commercial ready, and be prepared for the "tell us a a time when..." questions.”

“When was a time you didn't reach a goal you set for yourself and how did you handle that?”

“Asked to pick out outfit and for interviewer during group interview. 3rd interview consisted of all the same questions from the 2nd interview, with a sales simulation at the end. Asked to pick an...”

“No questions were too hard, I looked through a lot of the reviews here and every question I got off of this site I had prepared for through glassdoor”

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