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“Determine whether the binary representation of a number if a palindrome or not, code it on a white board.”

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“given an array of numbers to remove the duplicates”

“List all anagrams in a file. Assumptions: case-insensitive, a-z characters only, one word per line. For example, if the file contains dog, cat, ddd, goo, act, god -- output dog, god, act, cat”

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May 14, 2013

“What is an obstacle you overcame?”

“To find and return the common node of two linked lists merged into a 'Y' shape.”

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“You have 25 laborers for a shift. Pickers pick 100 units an hour Small item packers pack 150 units an hour Large item packers pack 25 units an hour You must pack 7500 small units during a ten...”

“Given an integer set of numbers, print all the subsets. For some reason the interviewer asked to print the supersets, but what he means is subsets.”

“How would you find the pairs of numbers that added to some specific number in an array.”

“Given a list of n numbers. All numbers except one are unique. Find the number with duplicate entry.”

“Given a list of integers, some of which may be negative, extract the pair that sums to the largest number.”

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