Retail Interview Questions

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“When did you over-promise to a customer? When did you have to make an unpopular decision?”

“At the end of the "humoring" review and affected discussion of my resume, I was asked why a person with my level of education with a degree from a college well known for its exclusivity of aptitude...”

“How proficient are you in computers?”

“What would you say your biggest weakness is?”

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“What is the difference between marketing for a brand and retail company?”

“Are you comfortable racially profiling people in an attempt to catch people shoplifting? (This is serious! Target in Alexandria, Hybla Valley, and Falls Church, VA all engage in this, especially...”

“Why do you think you would be right for this CSR position?”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“What would you expect of me if you do not hit your numbers? What would you expect of me if you continuously do not hit your numbers.”

“Can you wear high heels on a daily basis?”

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