Retail Manager Interview Questions

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“You have a problem employee that you must fire as soon as possible and you have to change the store out for a brand new promotion the next day. Would you fire the employee first or wait until the...”

“HR person surprised me when asking if I had my presentation ready when she took me to the interview room. I asked her what she was talking about, and she said her email had advised me that I'd need...”

“3 metrics on how to measure success on a software solution that has just been implemented in the page”

“Tell me a time when you had to deliver bad news to a supervisor?”

“How would you construct an algorithm to determine who, among a database of customers, should receive one of two different emails?”

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“Tellme about a time when you had a disgruntal customer and how did you handle it and what was the outcome.”

“Background for position”

“When will items be delivered”

“I am not good at testing on the internet. Regardless of my 21 years experience in this business, I failed the test. No personal interview with anyone.”

“There were no difficult questions. It was mostly a download session about internal shrink and long hours of work with little help.”

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