Retail Representative Interview Questions

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“Can you handle the rejection that will come from business owners who are tired of other sales people trying to sell them the same thing, and be able to respond with enthusiasm.”

“If you had a difficult situation that you dealt with in the past such as the customer didn't want what you were presenting, how did you overcome the rejection.”

“Explain a time when a customer came to you with a problem. What did you do to handle the situation?”

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“An important part of being a sales representative is making sales. Describe your sales experience and what you would do to make your sales pitch better.”

“This is a 13 week position full time. After that job is completed more work will follow. Can you work 8-4:30?”

“Situation type of questions. What you will do if this or that happen? how do you react or make the best out of it?”

“Interview your interviewer.”

“Sell me your phone right now.”

“Nothing too difficult. Asked to explain why I like my Droid better than the iPhone.”

“What is your favorite part about sales?”

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