Retail Sales Associate Interview Questions

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“They kept asking questions that were on their sheet. Questions were pretty much the same like what did you do when this or that happened. They wanted you to answer based on experience. They didn't…”

“Have you ever worked with special needs individuals? How do you get along with special needs individuals?”

“Describe a interaction with a customer or co-worker that was unpleasant in your last job. But they also asked you to describe a situation where you were able to shine and use your skills to be a team…”

“1) Since your in school what if we schedule you in the middle of finals? What would you do?

2) Do you have any planned vacations this year?

3) Why Macy's why not other competitors?

4) What…”

“Nordstrom has a policy that allows customers to return items in any condition. Many times our employees have trouble accepting returns that have obviously been used. How would you react if a customer…”

“What is your biggest accomplishment in your life?”

“Have you ever been in environment where you worked with some one you did not like and if so how did it effect your work?”

“State a time when you went against company policy”

“Time you went above and beyond and what was the outcome.”

“Why do you think Macy's has what they called Macy's card?”

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