Retail Sales Consultant Interview Questions

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“How do you react when you have an upset customer?”

“Please describe a time you had an unhappy customer and what did you do to resolve the situation? Please give a specific situation.”

“Talk about a time you had to work together as a team, what happened and what was your role?”

“And I quote: "What was something that you were told that you did not expect?"”

“What is your motivation? Or, what drives you in life?”

“Would you be able to take every penny out of the purse of a 65 year old lady?”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Using the STAR method, can you recall a time when you had to convince someone of your point of view?”

“The online assessment asked me to rank values from most to least important, rather than assigning each one its own score. Thus, if I ranked some at the top, the others ended up at the bottom. This is...”

“Just the sales part. That's all they really care about.”

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