Retail Sales Interview Questions

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“Pretty typical questions you would come across. Make sure to check out att site, they have foundational questions which I am pretty sure I was asked as well. Numerous of them asked me to sell them on…”

“Why do you want to work for us?”

“probably how long you expect to stay cause i really didnt no how long i be there”

“They kept asking questions that were on their sheet. Questions were pretty much the same like what did you do when this or that happened. They wanted you to answer based on experience. They didn't…”

“Would you move something around without being told?”

“Are you good with technology?”

“How To Handle An Irate Customer?”

“If you see an employee take a drink from the fridge to the locker room without paying, what would you do?”

“why do you want this position?”

“Name a time when you could not meet a goal or deadline and what you did so that it wouldnt happen agian.”

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