Retail Sales Manager Interview Questions

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“Why do you feel that you should be an employee of Verizon WIreless?”

“As you have never worked in a commission based position, how do you believe you will adjust.”

“Tell me about the last time that you failed? Why did you fail and what did you do to ensure that it never happens again?”

“All questions are "Situation Based" or "Behavioral Based" interview questions. The most difficult was when the interviewer asked - so why should I hire YOU for this position? For example (in no…”

“nothing unexpected know your stuff”

“Tell me about a time that you had to uphold a company policy that you didn't agree with? What challenges did you have when selling the unfair policy to your team in a positive manner?”

“What does safeway represent?”

“WHat is the revenue of the company?”

“Give an example of a time when... (They are always looking for STAR: Situation/Task, Action, Result)”

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