Retail sales rep Interview Questions

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“What do you think of when you hear Verizon?”

“how did you deal with unhappy customers?”

“what did you dislike about your current/previous job?”

“What is your 10 year plan with the company - threw me off guard because I hadn't really though that far ahead.”

“How I would react or would I have a problem with being closely monitored, ie standing over my shoulder if my sales goals were not met .”

“What is your biggest faliure in a previous job.”

“Why do you feel that you are the person for the job?”

“if you see someone stealing what would you do?”

“Would you be willing to relocate to an appropriate zip code?”

“Describe a time when you were competing for a sale and how did you handle the process and close it. behavioral based sales questions: Describe a time you had to meet a sales quota. At the end I had...”

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