Retail sales rep Interview Questions

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“What do you know about auto parts?”

“Sell me on this pen.”

“What would you do if you gave your greatest pitch and a customer still said no?”

“Focus on answering how you can deal with and serve all types of people. Focus on how you love money and want to make a lot of it (this is how everyone above you gets paid).”

“Why do you think your the best canidate for this job??”

“Tell me what stood out to you about the Credo (Received through e-mail, I didn't expect to be asked about it on the first phone interview. They will ask on the phone and in person.).”

“What animal would you be and why”

“What do you know about X Buyer with X chain and can we get an appointment? Will he carry our product?”

“Most difficult it is probably the role playing, "Sell me a phone"”

“None of the question were particularly difficult but a novice to the wireless or sales may have a problem completing the role play successfully.”

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