Revenue Analyst Interview Questions

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“Tell me about the most difficult IT challenge you have encountered and how did you manage it.”

“Are you sure this is the job you want?”

“After hearing about the salary it took me a moment to think about what I wanted to do. Having made the move from home I was somewhat disappointed with Duke and my recruiter and ready to go back home…”

“You will be given two tests: (1) Excel and (2) a very long exam in which you will have to perform many calculations. None of the questions are hard but very time consuming and yet you are only given…”

“behavioural/competency questions - give examples of team work, criticisms, project took longer than usual - how to handle and outcome,”

“How much do you think it cost LinkedIn to feed people each day?”

“What skills do you have that will carry over to this field that will make you a better candidate to hire.”

“Explain at least 2 things which are affecting the Airlines industry today financially.”

“Do you think you can handle this position?”

“Prioritize these five situations according to which one you would want to deal with as soon as possible to the ones that could be dealt with later.
a. Southwest offers 10% discount on all fares…”

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