Revenue Management Interview Questions

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“We have a timed math test for you ...”

“What are your future goals? what interests you in scotts miracle grow?”

“Describe a major challenge you faced and how do you overcome it.”

“No difficult questions, just basic questions about my background and why I was interested in Revenue Management.”

“The test they gave me. Know the basics of probability and statistics. I was a little rusty in these topics so I left a few questions blank and ran out of time.”

“To be honest, there wasn't an unexpected question as I had researched what interviews like this usually entail.”

“How would you handle a market that is failing?”

“How would you react if our competitor drops the prices suddenly?”

“I got one of those off the wall "to see how you think" kind of questions. Hiring manager asked for me to go about telling him that the table in the corner of the room wasn't blue (it was wooden…”

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