Revenue Management Interview Questions

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“What is your experience with Excel?”

“Why do you want to work at Delta?”

“How many basketballs would fit in this room?”

“What is your definition of revenue management?”

“Tell me an experience when you had a lot of work to be done and very short period of time to do it. Details on what you did and the outcome of the work load.”

“If you cannot fill a ship when similar sailings of the same ship in the past did well, how would you go about solving this problem?”

“No difficult questions, just basic questions about my background and why I was interested in Revenue Management.”

“The test they gave me. Know the basics of probability and statistics. I was a little rusty in these topics so I left a few questions blank and ran out of time.”

“I was asked an algebra work problem, something like "If you can do X work in 2 hours and another person can do Y work in 4 hours, when will you finish if you work together?"”

“How would you handle a market that is failing?”

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