RF Engineer Interview Questions

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“What are the effects of a mismatched circuit?”

RF Engineer at Nexius

Dec 27, 2011

“Very basic questions like would you relocate, are you authorized to work in the US.”

“He asked me about very specific parameter values of Power amplifier and batteries I used for my projects. That was hard to remember at that instant of interview.”

“Describe a experience where you had to tell some one about a product.”

“Do you mind working on weekends?”

“Describe intermodulation”

RF Engineer at Bechtel

Dec 19, 2014

“Do you know AT&T auto forms?”

“No difficult questions, just asked questions about my resume, projects, and related them to the company.”

“Very detail questions got to know your stuff well. Phase noise requirements in WCDMA”

“How to differentiate between different RF problems in 3G systems.”

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