RF Engineer Interview Questions

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“Directions I should give to design engineers: where to put each components (filters, mixers, LNA etc) of the transceiver, and why. What kind of filter I should use, why?”

RF Engineer at Nexius

Mar 14, 2013

“Very strong technical interview”

“I was asked some very technical questions but I think it was more to gauge my level of knowledge and how I would go about solving a problem.”

“What is unused frequency and something....I don't really remember but it has something to do with compress mode or IRAT.”

“SON, Beam forming related questions.”

“What do you know about our company?”

“Most difficult part was understanding their broken English.”

“construct a circuit to power on the relay with several components provided”

“There really were none. Not sure the two individuals who interviewed me knew a whole lot about the job.”

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