RF Hardware Engineer Interview Questions

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“What are the effects of a mismatched circuit?”

“What would you do if you caught your immediate supervisor doing something illegal?”

“Are you familiar with an "X" family of chips”

“Describe intermodulation”

“System of communication form TX to RX, detail and why?”

“opAmp, MOS, Smith Chart matching, AM,, bode plot, basic small signal analysis, stability of circuit...”

“Directions I should give to design engineers: where to put each components (filters, mixers, LNA etc) of the transceiver, and why. What kind of filter I should use, why?”

“Be prepared to talk about stochastic probability density functions as they relate to signal theory.”

“Asked me design a multimode/multiband transceiver.”

“questions regarding Smith charts, IIP3, cascaded NF. Issues with superheterodyne and direct conversion mixers”

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