Risk Analyst Interview Questions

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“Would an option react more when it is deep in the money, deep out of the money, or at the money?”

“Tell us how you have worked in the past with diverse groups of co workers”

“None of the questions were difficult. The focus of the interview questions was really about prior experience and expectations.”

“Talk about the option Greeks...”

“What does it mean if two variables X and Y are correlated?”

“10 uses of a pencil other than writing”

“You have distribution with mean zero and standard deviation 1. Among 1000 data points, there are 3 smaller than -5 and 3 greater than 5. What is the distribution?”

Risk Analyst at Bbva

Apr 12, 2011

“Different IR models”

Risk Analyst at Aon

Mar 19, 2009

“Discuss an work related material.”

“I was asked several questions about my technical skills and projects I had worked on.”

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