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“There's a scale where items can be weighed at the ends and 6 cue balls, but only one weighs more than the others. What's the least number of weigh ins possibly in order to determine the heaviest ball?”

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“what is BL model?”

“gambling question, whether it makes sense to gamble, if the chances are very small. Calculate the odds someone will take the grand prize if one million people goes, and odds are 1 in 1 million for…”

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“Describe a CDS.”

“If someone was going to trade an option based on an increase in volatility, how would he do that? What would the other risks associated with the position be?”

“What private business relationships does Square hold where, if lost, would harm our competitiveness?”

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“The interviewer asked me a very pointed question about one of my past experiences listed on my resume. It had been a while since I'd thought about this particular line item, so I struggled to give…”

“10 yr bond with 9% coupon, market yield is 3%, what's the price of this bond?”

“Do you know what an example of a control is?”

“Please go through your resume.”

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