Risk Interview Questions

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Manager at EY

Oct 12, 2010

“How would you go about your daily job as a Market Risk manager? What analysis will you do?”

“Suppose you are looking at a toll road in Mexico. Walk me through the risk analysis. What risk areas would you focus on?”

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“There are two envelopes: the one on the right has a check for $5000 the one on the left has a check for either $10000 or $0 Which one will you choose?”

“There were no mysterious or key questions. The interview consisted of a friendly open, honest conversation about my past accomplishments and experience. The hiring manager and I talked for about...”

“Asked to provide an answer to a difficult question that did not have a simple answer, rather it should have had a number of additional questions to narrow the answer - they wanted an answer so I gave...”

“How to sell an "equity option" if there are no long positions of the underlyer or the option itself ?”

“Tell me about a time when you took a risk and failed.”

“1. A behavior question from HR manager, "How can you handle the disagreement raised from your audiences when you are presenting your works on stage?" 2. A technical question from department...”

“Tell me about a time in your career that you had to show an unusual amount of courage.”

“The stastical theory behind yield curves, duration, negative convexity and other risk related items.”

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