Risk Management Intern Interview Questions

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“What are your career goals, what do you want to do with Risk Management?”

“What has been your favorite college course?”

“How do you deal with conflict in a team setting?”

“Describe a time when you had to perform a task outside of your job responsibilities.”

“How does C and Java deal with memory? (malloc/garbage collecting) Write pseudocode for reading in a string mathematical operation (2 + 3 * 6 for example) and calculating it, returning a numeric...”

“Name a time when you told someone no and how did you handle it?”

“1 hour behavior interview from two directors in risk management department. Lots of questions on how how to solve teamwork issues.”

“Analyze a company and give your opinion, based on financial information provided, whether ICAP should acquire it or not.”

“What is your biggest personal weakness”

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