RN Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work in an office? I had given them my answer only 3 times. It got harder not to walk out”

“Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult patient or their family? What did you do to improve their experience.”

“Describe a time you had a miscommunication with a coworker.”

“Cannot think of one. Very good experience”

“Tell me about an ethical dilemma you encountered while taking care of a patient during clinical”

“This was a poorly run interview; I don't recall any specific questions. I may have actually turned it around. The person who was supposed to conduct my interview did not show up. Instead a person who…”

“Why would you want to work here?”

“What are you looking for in the future?”

“Tell me something about yourself other than what I see on your resume”

“She ask me; "As a new hire and graduate nurse, and you have a question, would you ask the seasoned LPN or the newer RN?”

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