RN NURSE Interview Questions

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“Very easy and no difficult questions. Strictly about nursing and type of patients they serviced.”

“Tell me about your recent Teamwork project, how you achieve it and the result?”

“I can't remember specifics but several of the questions were analytical, to determine what personality type you are.”

“The interview was quite relaxed, there were no "unexpected questions" per se. Typical questions such as "tell me how you would resolve an conflict with a coworker" etc.”

“How would you handle an aggressive inmate?”

“How do you handle patients dying after you have been with them for several months?”

“She presented me with a difficult situation with a variety of aspects that would require a multifaceted answer- then left it up to me.”

“You have to take a psych test during the interview.”

“Why did you choose us?”

“Will you work all shifts?”

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