Role playing Interview Questions

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“tell us about a time you've faced a moral decision”

“What would you do in this situation? several role playing scenerios”

“Roleplaying with a customer. You are a Cisco salesperson and you are coming in to a first-time meeting with a customer and have to create a rapport with them, then 'sell' them on a Cisco technology...”

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“The end of the interview: Please sell me this item (random object in the room - pencil etc...)”

“The role-playing portion was kinda of difficult, they were acting way more extreme than even the most irate customers I've dealt with.”

“Had to role-play, sell an item on the managers desk.”

“We are now going to "role play". I am a customer calling in to cancel my service, I do not have any additional services. Here is a list of products we sell. Ring-ring......”

“1) Name a time you had an irate customer. What techniques did you use to calm him down and what were the results? 2) Name a time you disagreed with a policy put in place by your supervisor/company...”

“This was a situation where a role play was involved and the interviewee has to act as if it is real and give the best answers they can. The role play is about a father who refuses to let the health...”

“where do you see your self in the next five years?”

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