Rotation Engineer Interview Questions

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“Nothing hard, except for the test maybe... i don't know

present your solution and reasoning. They asked me to hold the product and tell them what it was made out of?”

“Define [Insert your field here].”

“Can you describe a situation where you disagreed with someone that you worked with? How did you resolve it?”

“How would you design a voltage regulator if you had a FET, a comparator and whatever resistors and capacitors you need?”

“Please come up with a new market that Verizon can tap into.”

“Name a new idea you had for an old problem.”

“Tell me about a time you were in a group where one of the members wasn't pulling their share. How did you handle the situation?”

“Talk about a time when you had to explain technical material to a non technical audience.”

“Talk about a time when you needed to select a piece of equipment and what you did to compare multiple choices.”

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