Rotational Program Interview Questions

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“The format of the on site interviews for the most part is the same- as long as you are prepared with your stories of past experiences and how you handled the situations you will be fine.”

“Getting asked to do Gangnam style during the formal dinner in front of all the other candidates”

“What would you do if one manager assigned to you consistently went over budget and disputed your figures?”

“They asked me about the fixed costs associated with my case, and specifically why I included them in a DCF.”

“Describe a time you went against your values/integrity, what was the situation and what did you do?”

“Technical interview is by far the most difficult, make sure that when you study to relate everything back to an insurance company.”

“How many pennies would it take, stacked one on top of the other, to reach the top of the empire state building?”

“Pitch an app integration.”

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“(Phone interview) Please describe a situation where you had to work with ambiguity?”

“When looking at a new product, what factors to consider in its feasibility?”

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