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“There Really Wasn't Any They Were Very Straight Forward And Honest What You See Is What You Get.”

RSA at Mattress Firm

Mar 2, 2013

“"What would you say your greatest weakness is?" (Not uncommon, but be prepared to have an answer better than "I can't really think of one...!")”

RSA at Wireless Vision

Sep 18, 2013

“What is your greatest weakness”


Dec 7, 2013

“None. It was clear immediately that the interview management team were not too sharp. Very easy to navigate through their "canned" questions. And yes, I was hired.”

“Can you lift 70 pounds?”

RSA at T-Mobile

Jan 20, 2014

“Why should we hire you”

FT RSA at T-Mobile

May 27, 2013

“How did I deal with receiving negative feedback from a supervisor about something I was doing wrong.”

RSA at T-Mobile

Sep 14, 2012

“They put you on the spot and ask you to sell them some random object like a pen, pencil, piece of paper. Be creative and show lots of personality and confidence.”

RSA at T-Mobile

Mar 17, 2013

“What where you sales numbers over 2 yrs?”


Jan 28, 2012

“Describe your sales experience”

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