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“Are you sure you want to work here?”

“How do you think you could better Domestic!? ( Seriously this is a no brainer!) Save a decent answer for a better career opportunity!”

“tell me about a time when you had a great idea, but management was either reluctant to follow, or didn't follow”

“What frustrates you the most?”

RSR at Schwan's

Apr 1, 2014

“Are you willing to build new business?”

“STAR question "tell me about a time when you had an idea to improve a job or task, and it was not implemented"”

“The job require early start times and fast paced work schedule. They will ask you if you are able to meet those demands.”

“Personality questions ? None were to hard.”

RSR at UniFirst

Aug 23, 2010

“how much are you willing to scarafice for the company? we work very many hours!”

“Normal questions. What would you do.... How would you handle this....”

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