Rural Carrier Associate Interview Questions

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“Wait for 2 weeks for exam, 2 weeks for interview, 2 weeks for drug test and records, 2 weeks for orientation, 2 weeks for academy training, and 2 weeks for driving course, and the training and…”

“If I call you at 7:00 A.M. on your day off and need you to work, what will you say?”

“What to do if you are approached by an angry customer? / What to do when an co-workers request your help? / How to handle change in your daily routine?”

“None of the questions were unexpected.”

“How do you deal with a situation you don't have an answer for?”

“None, asked if I was capable of adjusting to the extremely cold and hot weather!”

“Describe a situation when you were in a verbal argument with a co-worker and how you chose to respond.”

“If you were running route, and a customer who normally gets her SS check on the first, did not receive it on the second. It is now the fourth of the month, and still does not have her check delivered…”

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