Rural Carrier Associate Interview Questions

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“Wait for 2 weeks for exam, 2 weeks for interview, 2 weeks for drug test and records, 2 weeks for orientation, 2 weeks for academy training, and 2 weeks for driving course, and the training and…”

“If I call you at 7:00 A.M. on your day off and need you to work, what will you say?”

“How do you deal with a situation you don't have an answer for?”

“What to do if you are approached by an angry customer? / What to do when an co-workers request your help? / How to handle change in your daily routine?”

“None of the questions were unexpected.”

“Can you handle basically being your own supervision?”

“None, asked if I was capable of adjusting to the extremely cold and hot weather!”

“Describe a situation when you were in a verbal argument with a co-worker and how you chose to respond.”

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