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“What do you know about Westlake Financial?”

“What is the most difficult thing that you've ever had to do what was the outcome and what did you learn from it?”

“What would you sell this piece of furniture to me for with this being the main price?”

“If you would pick anyone in the world to be a great example of leadership who would it be?”

“its a sales pitch, the whole interview”

“Why are you interested in switching from NeoroHealth when it hasn't been very long? (Two Years)”

“Do you have a problem cleaning the store restrooms as part of your job?”

“It was four questions that were kind of odd. They ask every applicant for direct sales the same questions.”

“The interviewer asked me about a time when I contributed back to society (it wasn't too unexpected but I was a bit surprised as I didn't prepare specifically for the question as I was prepping for…”

“None - I was told about other positions but never asked which one I'd like to interview for.”

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