Sales Account Executive Interview Questions

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“How would you improve your presentation if asked to do it again?”

“Determine which side of the business you would be responsible for - MFT (Connect Direct), EDI (VAN Managed Services B2B), or any of the SCM solutions (now integrated into IBM's Websphere portfolio…”

“Have you ever had to deliver bad news to a customer? How did you do it?”

“"Is there anything about what I just said that would make you feel like this isn't a good fit" or "I think we should move on to the next steps, but tell me now if you're not sure."”

“Why would a business owner choose LivingSocial over Groupon?”

“How do we know you are up to the Challenge? How do we know you will stay with the company and not get bored?”

“I am the owner of Mike's Pizza and I do not want to buy an ad. What should you do in this situation?”

“How do you go about getting leads, whether you were successful or not?”

“How many sales a week do you make with your current employer?”

“A sheet of paper with a written scenario is distributed for written responses from all candidates. You are asked what you would do in a hypothetical situation in which you must choose between an…”

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