Sales Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a situation at your previous employeer where you came up against a difficult situation morally. What was the situation, how did y ou handle it, and what was teh outcome.”

“What is your favorite animal”

“What are your salary expectations? We want to be sure before meeting you that you fit into our budget”

“Mostly questions asking to discuss a time when this or that happened, and how did you handle it. The job description provided was outdated and inaccurate, according to the sales team. It still is…”

“Extensive details about my past experience, especially working by self-direction and with little supervision.”

“What did you like the best about each or your last jobs?”

“The telephone interviews included pretty "canned" questions; nothing out of the ordinary there. Each of the two interviews did last an entire hour, however. The in-person interview consisted of (what…”

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