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“When is a time you hard a difficult customer, and how did you handle them?”

Sales Advisor at H&M

Feb 28, 2011

“What do you hope to achieve with the company?”

“higest goal achieved.”

“A customer says "Let me think about it"”

“What made me a great manager? I was taken by surprise by this questions as I was not applying for a management position, thus I was not prepared for such question.”

Sales Advisor at H&M

Jul 24, 2015

“Why do you want to work at H&M?”

“Name a time you made a positive change at your job?”

Sales Advisor at H&M

Apr 2, 2011

“What does customer service mean to you?”

“Are you willing to work more hours than you are scheduled for?”

“What does "We believe in people mean to you?"”

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